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Your whole self is welcome here.

Somatic Intuitive Healing is a holistic gentle bodywork modality for emotional, relational, and nervous system healing. SIH incorporates aspects of biodynamic craniosacral therapy, energy medicine and holistic bodywork to support emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. This work has roots that trace back to Shawnee Indian Shamans and Healers, to whom I am deeply grateful.

"The way home we were all seeking would be not in spite of our bodies but through them."

Hillary L. McBride

About Me

My name's Alyssa (she/her) and I'm infinitely curious about all things healing, spirituality, nature and human connection. I'm in a certification program for Somatic Intuitive Healing through the Center for Somatic Intuitive Healing in Portland, Oregon.


I'm happy you're here and would be honored to connect with you.


Get in Touch

If you'd like to book a session, have questions about Somatic Intuitive Healing or would just like to connect, please fill out this form!

Received! Talk to you soon :)

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